Glitch I'm so annoyed!


There is no activity anymore . Proof is below.


There is a topic about this already. The activity is down, probably due to a bug. It'll be fixed soon.


I already created a topic :wink:
Please search before you post.


Yes the activity is down! please look before you post there has been a topic like this!


Yes! It's so annoying. I got 6 likes on a project yet the activity wasn't even working since 8 hours ago!


Have any of you noticed I liked my own project! Just to see if you'd spot it​:laughing::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well if you search, you will see many driffrent dates...


Exactly. If you read, then you'll see the most recent date on top.


Yep. Haven't got anything new on my activity log.