Glitch? Code Wrong? Probably Glitch! (Solved)




I swear before it was making zigzags from the left of the screen to right, but now it's suddenly doing this! It's gotta be a glitch, right?


A lot of you photos do not work!


@AHappyCoder fixed it. Can you make out what was happening?


Not really! Sorry! @Hoppertoscotch


AWW C'MON!!! I thought I found out what happened, but it does the same thing!!! Hmmmmm....... @Rawrbear? @t1_hopscotch? @MagmaPOP? SOMEONE GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS MYSTERY!!! I'm going to edit to the new version I made with a mistake I made not there.


I FOUND IT OUT!!!! I put the "Set Position" inside the "Leave A Trail". That threw the first line off because I put the text nearing the middle of the screen.


It's because you didn't make it go to 0,0 in the beginning, and you're making it create a triangle instead of a zigzag because it's going to where it was plus 1, and not taking that out and putting it in the Repeat 1024 times block.
Here's what my code to help you looks like:

I changed some of the code to make things go faster, by the way.
Aww, it's solved.


@GysvANDRegulus hey, I don't need to do that because all values start as 0. So, before setting the value to anything, setting it's X to the value will be setting it's X as 0.


Yep, but typing 0 is faster than taking a value out.


@GysvANDRegulus when do I need to get rid of a value?


As in taking a value out of the menu for values.


It takes 5 seconds to open a value menu and tap a value........also, I think we are getting off topic and starting a fight. Maybe we should stop.


We should, but I didn't think it was a fight...


I was going to say that.. :sweat_smile: