Glitch? About Nice Post! @admins



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How come whenever I get a new nice post, the number doesn't increase? Yesterday, I had 96, and I got some new ones today, and it still says 96! Is this a glitch? What's happened? Halp!
*I want to know when I get 100 so I can do a mega-request marathon!


Huh. I don't think I've gotten any nice posts, so I can't help.


You've gotten 8 of them :wink:
Oh, and I looooove your user card background xD


You got it 8 times XD


In your badges, it says you have 102! Try reseting your page. :D



@LotsaPizza You have 102 :scream::scream::scream:


You went past 100


Haha funny I was just visiting your profile to see if you had gotten 100 yet XD


Huh.. Well this is weird..
In your badges it says you have gained it 102 times, but in your summary it only says 96..


Oh lol yah guess who made it? xD


Maybe it just needs time and it will update your number. If it's a glitch the THT will work on it.