Glitch About hopscotch



Um I found a glitch which characters pop up while your doing some code and it's really annoying too.


Hmm I haven't experienced this before. Do characters just pop up randomly while you're in Edit mode? Would you be able to show in more detail what you mean? Being as specific as possible when it comes to bugs helps with trying to find them and squishing them :smiley:


Sure well right here I got a screenshot


I know this! Sometimes rules pop up when I click a edit mode i see an edit rule and its so annoying because when you touch it it shows you that rule.


Thanks for showing the screenshot @Games :smiley:

That does look annoying. I've never experienced this before. Do you know what steps you took which led to it happening?

@Violetcupcake987 thanks for sharing some of the steps you did. Does the code window pop up randomly with the character still showing after pressing Edit?


Basically what happened to me is that even when I'm not in edit mode random rules just show up even when I'm on my published and things like featured


There 's not really any steps your just doing code and then a character pops up.


That's okay. That is very strange!


This glitch is SO ANNOYING!! :confused: