Gladiator Trophy Contest



This is an open challenge to code a glorious trophy for the winner of the Sunday Tournament this week in my gladiator pits
it can be pixel art, trail art or whatver
gladiator audience and staff will vote this saturday
you have 4 days
the only prize is the glory


@ChickenGirl who lounged the other topic


Hey can I request to be provided with GIFs?

I can’t think of any


Hmmm I feel that would be enabling u a bit too much, but I can post some that might give you an idea of what to look for? You’ll have the ten minutes before the fight to prepeare once you anencephaly healey have chosen your weapons, I’ll give you some examples then


Well, I didn’t want to do Star Wars because they did it last round, then I thought about Steven universe but then I realized spoilers


All you’ll need are gifs of combat using your weapons of choice, there doesn’t have to be a theme :))
Good luck my gladiator



Maybe I’ll do infinity war