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Hey everyone!
I have coder's block, as some of you might know. I have also decided to keep art on my channel to a minimum, and try to add a little bit more coding to the mix. I kinda miss the feeling of publishing a new coded project.

So what does this have to do with collabing? I have decided that getting over my block is going to be done with a little help. I was wondering if anyone would like to collab with me!

I will probably pick between 1-3 people, depending on how things go. I am sorry in advance if I don't choose you.


• Been Hopscotching for at least 3 months
• Knows how to use HSB's
• Knows how to use values
• (optional, but preferred) Been on Featured/Rising at least once


Will it be a drawing pad, or a game, or something else?


I know it will be a draw pad -.-


Actually, don't know yet. I want to make something other than a drawing pad.
@AHappyCoder @JonnyGamer


Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Allow meh in teh collab of aweshum


ChiTea accepted!


so what we making


NOOO! I PASS THE SECOND AND THIRD REQUIREMENT, BUT THE THIRD MONTH IS, wait, if I have been hopscotching since December... This is my third month? OH GUMMYWORM YASS! But I haven't been on trending or featured...
Lol the reply thing is glitching.


Idk, you got any ideas???


hmmm ill look at some topics soon


I'd like to join, I have all of the requirements


Can I join @Glitter_Kitty? I meet all requirements


I might join, if I know what you would make. :wink: @Glitter_Kitty


@Gilbert189 @Crazy_Crawfish Accepted!


I might not be able to, so know that.


• Been Hopscotching for at least 3 months
Yes, I've been hopscotching for 13 months
• Knows how to use HSB's
• Knows how to use values
Yes! :smiley:
• (optional, but preferred) Been on Featured/Rising at least once


I could do it. I am on the forum and Hopscotch daily. I qualify for all of them except the last one (I haven't been on Rising or Featured).


I could, but I'm a little busy on my own account:( but if you and your future partner need ideas use my @ name or search Crazy_cake on HC, good luck!!!


May I join?
I meet all the requirements except for the last one :disappointed_relieved:. I will aim for it, as I have been doing for the past 5 months...


I am sorry everyone else who applied, but the spaces are full. I am only accepting:
@Gilbert189 (yes, it is fine if you cannot make it)