Giving No Credit


Please I do not like when people do not give credit to other people. I saw a hopscother remix my project and changed the title to Color Draw by (name of hopscother). I told the person to unpublish the project but the person never did. So please if you agree comment down saying I agree. Also if you have a similar story write it down I will read about. Please just give credit if you copy something!


Welcome to the forum but there has been about like 1000 topics about this

Please search before you post!


I agree, it happens to me a lot.


I agree, it's unfair, but copying really means they like your project a lot. It would help to tell them how to code a cool drawing pad!


Welcome to the forum! You shouldn't even copy anyone. But if you're making a similar thing, give credit.


Yes! Also, welcome to the forum, @sweetlina!


I remember this topic!

Good ol times