Giving new users some projects without paying

the title is pretty self-explanatory
i know tht has to make money somehow, but not everyone can create an account on the web explorer so they can make projects, and most don’t even know about it. i think it should be at least 5 projects a new user is allowed before they have to pay. when i joined, you could create infinite projects- i think that was good, but obviously other decisions have been made.

should new users get more projects before paying
  • yes
  • no
  • maybe with some adjustments

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I thought you could just do on the app → join with school → student → teacher did not give password?


well not everybody knows that lol


They can now.

If you create an account on Hopscotch (not the web explorer), you can’t create projects if you don’t create the project via the web explorer.


I think what they’re saying is to let newcomers be able to create projects in the Hopscotch App.


lol i’ve created a few random accounts just to see if that loophole worked


This is a new decision made by the Hopscotch team. You can still learn how to code by following the tutorial projects in the learn tab, where you can explore all the coding tools offered by Hopscotch. If you enjoy what Hopscotch’s coding tools have to offer, you can consider getting a subscription, which will help support our team to keep brining new features to Hopscotch!

If you’re wondering why the existing users can still publish projects - we made the decision to not have this change affect our existing users at the moment to help maintain the Hopscotch experience and transition to this new mode of subscription.

I will note down your feedback and let the team know, but the subscription rules will likely stay like this for a while.


Ok, thanks Yuanyuan! :pray:


i dont agree with the new model, even if i understand subscriptions are really important for a dev team financially. many people here on hopscotch has discovered hopscotch with its school - in fact my school brings 250 newbies to hopscotch each school year, and i am among them from the 2020 wave. coding is testing and creating what we want, and even if the tutorials are really well made and super informative, closing ability to create a draft to everyone is just a huge step to the back. does it really change anything to tht to let people create, like 5 free drafts? not only that letting doing that can let schools like ours to continue offering classes with hopscotch (and eventually maybe be the next Tri-Angle here), but it also convince new people even more to buy a subscription and again- 5 or 10 free drafts is a lot more advantageous and tactical financially speaking than not letting people test hopscotch at all

that is my point, and not gonna lie i am pretty frustrated of the choice of the change - in fact i understand hopscotch gotta do this someday, but not like that holy cow lol


Schools are not affected by this new model. You are still free to create anything you want in Hopscotch with the tutorial templates, meaning you can try out all the coding tools as if it were a new draft. We will definitely keep all of your feedback in mind, thanks!


Also a side note: I know that many of you are very curious of the reasoning behind our decision. This is a decision made after careful consideration for a long time by the Hopscotch Team, and we definitely had tried to keep everyone’s best interest in mind.

You are definitely free to put down your comments and thoughts here, but I might not be able to get back to all of you with an explanation. Thanks for your understanding!


actually no - my school doesnt follow the hopscotch for school model, or else my account would be a student account and not a teacher account
but if schools are not impacted by that, im fine with it, however i still think 5 free draft is a lot more strategic


Just a note – new users can still create unlimited projects/drafts from the video tutorials.

I think in an ideal world, we’d definitely prefer to be able to let everyone publish and create as many projects as they want for free. I guess this is probably among the harder decisions we’ve had to make.

Letting new users create unlimited video tutorials, but not blank drafts, is kind of a middle ground, as
a) having a blank editor and no direction can be pretty overwhelming if you’re a new user
b) having the video tutorials can help you to be more familiar with the editor and have ideas for projects


So I haven’t made a new account in awhile, but can new users publish their video tutorial drafts without buying a subscription? /genq

Personally, I will say that if Hopscotch would have been using this model when I first joined, I never would’ve stayed. In fact, scroll back far enough, when Hopscotch first started offering subscriptions, I made a project saying I was leaving because I thought I was only going to be able to stay if I paid.

I do agree that having new users start at the video tutorials is very beneficial in getting them to stay. (I joined then left because I didn’t understand how anything worked, and eventually, I did come back and learned what I could from remixing and playing others’ projects.)

I’ve never been one for paid apps, and even colleges are trying to move away from paid textbooks. I understand that Hopscotch has to make money in order to exist at all, but I also know not everyone who wants to get into coding will want to or even be able to pay when there are other coding apps which are entirely free. I didn’t even know what coding was before I discovered Hopscotch. I do believe that Hopscotch is the best block coding app to exist, in part because of its community but also in part because of the amazing things that can be done using such a relatively simple interface. However, people won’t know how incredible Hopscotch is until they really get to experience it and then decide they want more.

Anyways, those are the late night ramblings of a user who has been around to see the app and the forum change in a lot of ways, and I’ll admit that some of the changes I disagreed with the most in the past have been the most beneficial in the long run. As long as the community grows and thrives and Hopscotch has what it needs to continue doing what it’s done for so many people like myself, I’ll deal with it.


full editing of video projects but they can’t be published without subscribing :)

yeah, i suspect it’s probably too early to tell, but I’m willing to trust tht’s judgement and I’m sure they’ll find something that works well for everyone, plus we can give feedback in topics like this too