Giving Constructive Criticism 101



Hello! So, since everyone here does some sort of creating, (coding, drawing, etc., all of the above,) everyone can give constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is different than regular criticism, because regular criticism, is meaner. Constructive, however, helps people find what they can fix about their drawing, game, trail art, bg, etc. So, here are some tips to giving cc.

  1. Be Helpful.
    Don’t just shoot off what’s wrong with it, without adding some tips on HOW to fix it.
    GOOD: “The sizes of the different parts of your drawing looks off. Try using a base to keep the size porportions right.”
    BAD: “The sizes aren’t right. You should fix it.”

  2. Don’t be too negitive.
    GOOD: “The top of the screen on your code is a bit laggy. Maybe you could add a (fill in the name of a block here) block to fix it?”
    BAD: “The top of the screen looks weird. Fix it up. And get it right.”

  3. Be Detailed.
    GOOD: “There is a bug in the 3rd line of your square’s code. I think you put the variable’s value a little too high. Try reducing it to 24 instead of 30.”
    BAD: “There’s a bug somewhere in the code.”

So, I hope this is helpful. If you have anything to add, go ahead. I just thought this would be helpful, with the fact we post hs projects on here,and then there is the drawing topic. :smiley:



love this topic! good job explaining everything :)


Good job! I completely agree :slight_smile:


How to give Constructive Criticism:

Do not give Constructive Criticism.




That’s some great advice! Cool topic :+1:


Why not? You can´t give Constructive Criticism if you don´t give it. I´m somewhat confused.


Awesome topic and great way of explaining constructive criticism


Nice topic! I love your explanations!

However, please SBYP. I made a topic exactly like this before!!