Giving Back Competition


I am making a competition for everyone here to give back to their communities. I have made a game tribute to the cause (it’s bad cause I haven’t coded I months) basically, the competition will be to try and make projects that will convince others to give back to their communities. I will need judges and people willing to give awards @OMTL

Here’s my project for the cause (dont judge it’s sloppy coding)

Here’s a poll so people can tell me how they want to be involved. I encourage you partake in this event some how. :slight_smile:

  • Judge
  • Award contributer talk to LegendOfFriday about Awards
  • Project Makers
  • Suporters

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Art, games and anything else is allowed, use your skills to make a project that might touch someone to do something good for their community.

Judge List Below:

Award List Below:


More details will be figured out.


Is there something to fill out to judge?


This seems cool! Might join…


Can I judge?


I could do a custom trail art request if you want to have that as a prize!


Is the OTML working yet?


When there’s less than 150 users, but not now I think.


@OMTL for people who didn’t see this when mass tag was full, go up and read the first post.