Give positive comments to other Hops!



So, everyone is special in a way, right? Here, you give positive comments to Hops, like your Senpai!

I searched before I posted, and could only find positive topics. You can also put positive stuff–like shoutouts–here too! Bye!

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You are very good at spamliking [insert all my spamlikers]


@EnchantedAnimallover you are kind and very amazing!


Thinks! @MobCraft, you are soupr kewl and juice!


@AHappyCoder, you are very good at spam liking! XD


@Donald_Trump (lel he is on the forum), I like how you like to build walls XD



@smishsmash is a very good coder!


Thank Yey so much!

@MiracleShoutouts is very gud at complimenting peeps!


Thicks! :D

@Kiwicute2016 is a great leader!