Give our channels back



We used to have cool channels now there are only a few channels with updates don't remove stuff ADD STUFF ⓦⓔ ⓝⓔⓔⓓ ⓒⓗⓐⓝⓝⓔⓛⓢ


I Totally Agree! @Liza Please Fix This!


They got removed out of popularity. People weren't really posting in them, so they were removed. A lot of them were being spammed with stuff not relating to the category :sweat:

I would LOVE new channels, though! What would you want? Collaborations? Sin/Cos art?


They are actually back.
It's been more than an hour or two


Nah I don't see them


I agree! We need them back!


Why do you think we need them? Many of the old tabs were full of spam and weren't used correctly.


Off topic

What the...

Never had that before!

@Liza, are we going to have any more channels? I believe they are the same now as they were back then ↑. I know there was the contests for Halloween and Christmas on there, but then they were removed. So... Any new channels?


Thanks for suggesting this! What did you like about channels? Which would you add if you were in charge of channels?


i'd add a club or group channel ;D @Liza


I music channel! Definitely!



Here is my thoughts:

  • A music
  • A collabs
  • Text art
  • Quotes
  • Message
  • Other
  • FeatureMe

(I'll be adding on :wink: )


@Liza maybe add drawing pads so we can put drawing pads in there!