Give Mi A Break, She Has Cancer


Okay, so ever since Mi has announced that she has cancer, everybody has been remixing her projects with stuff like "Hey I'm so and so and I am an Otaku and we can start a group wanna be friends?" Look I get that she's cool and nice, but she just moved away from the place she called HOME. Left everything familiar behind and went to a new place with new standards. I have to do this in a few months too. My sisters know how it feels. My brother doesn't care but he knows how it feels. My old friends know how it feels. I don't think you know how it feels.
Mi wants her space. She appreciates all the likes and follows I bet, but give her a rest for a bit. I don't think she wants to pick up her iPad and go on Hopscotch to see remixes and bad things about her. She wants to do art.. She wants her space.. She wants to be happy, considering all the things that are going on. This one cruel person, very cruel person, said Mi was gonna die soon. I'm FURIOUS at that person. I think they were reported but I'm FURIOUS. I know you lot support her and ish her the best, but please, you shouldn't make a person with cancer mad and frustrated, so

STOP giving her drawing requests for a bit! Stop asking her to follow you, like your projects, just stop it!

@XiaoMiaoMi I'm sorry for wasting your time, but I just wanted to give everyone a hint to quit bothering her so much.
-Potter Productions


Great topic! @friendship2468


I agree it is an awesome topic!