Give me constructive criticism!


So if you're gonna come here to say I'm perfect... leave. I want constructive criticism. Thanks guys!

So the point is, post anything you hate about me. I won't get mad unless you're saying something just to be mean. I like constructive criticism. It can be about how nice I am, my projects, how annoying I am, anything!




Are you Zachyswag on HS


Nope. I'm Zachyswag:P


No one is perfect... but you're quite close.

Be more active plez.


Let's seeā€¦ Maybe you can work with publishing better projects? Not saying your projects aren't good just saying maybe fix the glitches?


Nothing negative here...

But I play Geometry Dash too! (still a noob, completed Geometrical Dominator in Costco)


Hmm... Your last project was published 2 weeks ago...
You can be more active


Yeah. I know. I just have no ideas for projects.


My account name is Zachyswag if you wanna see how many stars and how many demons I have.


I made a really bad project that takes FOREVER


IDK what to say now


That is so cool! :0

Much swirls :@


I'd say that you need to crank your anger level down a little, and you should not use caps. Stop thinking negative of yourself.


Guys, I want more criticism.


Be ur dreaaaaaams.
To become a poooooattttoooo


@Zachyswag, I think you have some anger issues.
Do not hurt yourself, please.
You need to train yourself to be more calm, even though it is not an easy job for people with anger issues. :slight_smile:


How is it easy to control anger issues?


Just get over it...


I need more sophisticated projects !!!!!


BEst advice eva :thumbsup:!