GIVE AWAY! (Sort of) yeah u come in and read itXD



Well this is not like a GIVE AWAY but that's the only name I can think of now...

1. put ur name in the "ppl that r in list"

  1. I will radomly pick a 1st person, a 2nd person and a 3rd person
  2. For the 1st person, I will redraw one of ur drawings and publish it on the forum(I will tag u), and follow u, like 10 of ur projects
  3. For the 2nd person, I will redraw and follow u
  4. For the 3rd, I will redraw
    and they can get a request

examples of my art

for more plz go to the drawing topic XD

ppl that r in

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Official 3)
Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Official 3)


okay then


So we're supposed to share one of your drawings?


sth like that
u dont have to say that i drew it



grabs a picture of your art and starts walking to the Drawing topic


maybe say that this is for the giveaway or sth?
they might get confused


You are a really awesome artist!:wink:


Hi Starry! (I know it's off topic! Just wanna say hi)


I'm at school right now
I am just sneaking onto mai iPad



Be Careful With The Teachers!

Bai then... Tag me when you have time!


Da teacher turned her head away


Anyways be careful with these teachers


I'm looking suspicious now




A quik pic of mai paw


I'm in but I'm a little cunfoused so do 1st (not like I'd rely get with my bad luck) do have draw like a picture then you redraw it or do you mean the profile pic sense I'd rather pic the first have me take a quick few sec and have it redrawn is that OK?!


Me! If luv to join!


u reshare it on the drwing topic

and @Hero_Dino plz do that to enter! XD remember to tag me!


any more ppl?


im so bored now
u can just put ur name down in the "PPL THAT R IN"list to do this give away instead of resharing my drawing