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Maybe you're a new Hopscotcher and you need some advice to get started with making a project! Ask for some help here!

Maybe you just joined the forum and would like some helpful tips. You can get some great advice to get to learn the tips and tricks of the forum.

Maybe you just need advice on if the main character of your new game should be blue or red. Any advice you need you can ask here.

You can also give general tips to be an awesome Hopscotcher here! :wink:

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) [Done fighting and retired]
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This is a great topic, and I bet u know how to help! Do u know how to make green text?

<a> Teal text! </a>


Should look like this...

Teal text!

If you mean actual green text, you can insert a image to do that. XD


On the forum I'm guessing?

Right now to keep the forum organized color codes are disabled. You can do aqua text though! (Do what it says up there ^^^ :p)

@SmilingSnowflakes beat me and is also reading this now XD



So cool, this is so awesome, thank u so much!




That's awesome!

Wait. Wat.

How did you do that.

How did it send me a notification.

What is this potato magic.



Okay, I'll tell you how I did my magical magic if you want, but we should GBOT :wink:

@SmilingSnowflakes quote for potato magic


DIABOLICAL! :joy: I'm really sorry I just had to see!


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off topic for @CreativeCoder

How did you @ her like that please tell me!


Teal Text!

I hope it works


Oh so fancy


How the heck did you do that? Try it with me!


If you edit the phot in the HTML kinda like Width=whatever number here


Cool! Or you could do it like this



That doesn't work, actually...


I know but does this tag you


I need help!

I want to make a project using a leave a trail, but I don't know what to make ;-;

Ideas will be given credit

@GysvANDRegulus and @SmilingSnowflakes can't like

Take these :heart: :heart: :D