Give a like get a like



I think maybe on the forum to make things a bit more positive! I know this topic will probably get a few complaints but plz read before you give! I'm making a program called get a like give a like. It's where when someone gives you a like you like one of their projects that way everyone feels wanted in the forum and hopscotch! If you would like to participate in this let me know!

People participating in this...



I am sure there will be no complaints about this topic!


I am still spam liking my whole activity tab XD
Awesome idea!


Are you sure??!!
Thx @smishsmash we really need to #spreadthelikes


This is a great idea, do count me in!


I am pretty sure so :>


This sounds amazing I'm totally in


@smishsmash and @AHappyCoder are you on this program?


Sure! Uh..may be hard to find all my likes XD


Yes, definatly :wink: :D


Thx for joining everyone!!


Nice topic! I'll join!


I'll join! Though maybe we could include follows too?


Great topic! :smile:

I already do this anyway though, XD


Anyone else? Great idea @KVJ!!!


@MiracleShoutouts maybe we could merge topic?


@ThePickle isn't this the same?




This is the same topic! Want to merge?


I didn't make this topic... You can ask for them to be merged.