Give a Hopscotch character a personality!



Reply with the character and the personality!


Chillanna: Adventurous, smart, kind, daring

Cosmic Cody: Adventurous, daring, curious, prepared, llectual, quiet,

Star Girl: Sassy, kind, and caring

Robo: Annoying and impatient, caring

Monkey: Adventurous, reckless, caring, entertaining, caring but comes across as rude. Silly Weird, Clever, Helpful

Octopus: Silly, Happy, Friendly

Gorilla: Kind, happy, sloppy, funny

Cupcake: Fun person to be around

Bear: Tough, serious, protective

Dino: Scary, Weird, Easily Angered, tough, cool,

Frog: Strict and organized. Likes to stick to a plan. Well mannered and sophisticated. Can't go anywhere without his yellow hat, rumored to have a three inch thick agenda plan

Jody: friendly, passive, caring, insecure, good and loyal friend. Loves to bowl.

Mr. Moustache: Curious, mature, smart, has manners.

Space Pod: curious, Introverted, likes to eat pineapple

Banyan: Caring, fun, interesting. Likes coconuts, Farming, and pottery

Parrot: Happy, kind, positive, thoughtful, reasonable!

Raccoon: Fun and mischievous funny, prankster, troublemaker, likes to eat pizza and make a mess :wink:

Bird: Outgoing, friendly, artist. She loves going out, meeting new people, and traveling

Mandrill: Mysterious, pranker, mischievous, loves to play games

Miss Chief: Sly, loves to prank people, sometimes rude without meaning to

Mosquito: Sneaky, sky, friendly, mysterious

Venus: angry, but on the inside is caring and trusting. Intelligent, Alert, Daring, Focuse

Jeepers: Jumpy, Vehicle, All about people and helping them. Loves to give people a helping "tire" :wink:

Zombear: Just wants a friend

We're not stopping until the list is filled!


Parrot!! Happy, positive, kind, thoughtful, reasonable!


Bird: outgoing, friendly, and an artist :slightly_smiling:


Mosquito: sneaky, shy, friendly, mysterious


Star Girl: sassy, kind, and caring!


Cupcake: ball of fun


Raccoon: fun and full of mischief


Miss Chief! Sly, loves to prank people, sometimes rude without meaning to


Bayman: cares for everyone including things that eat his leaves
(If u want add the tree)


Mandrill: she loves to prank! She's very mysterious, mischievious, and loves to play games


Mr Mutache: Curious, mature, smart, has manners


Gorilla: kind, happy, sloppy, funny


Chillana: adventurous, smart, kind, and daring.


WOW, the list's growing so quickly!


Bear:tough, serous, and protective


Octopus: Silly, Happy, Friendly (Hey it's like me! xD)


Robot:impatient and annoying


I think all characters should have a minor part of their personality and a major part.

If Robo is impatient and annoying he should always be caring.


Dino: Scary, Weird, Easily Angered


Space Pod: Curious, Introverted, likes to eat pineapple