Give a cookie days!


Some days were having a bad day. Noticing that on the forum may help. When you notice someone's having a bad day summon them to the topic and say @_____ here's a cookie!

This gave me a good idea on hopscotch! I'm going to make a cookie trail art and give it to people that are having a bad day there too.

It down at have to be someone whose having a bad day either. Give on to your friend and say thanks for the nice things they've done.
@Intellection74 is this a bad idea???

Thanks @Maltese for being so kind!


This is a great idea! c:

But there's already a topic for it :00




It's called "passing cookies :cookie:"


That's actually different


I really like this idea! Btw how do you become a regular??


Oh... Soree then I misunderstood;-;


@IcePOP, you become regular by being on the forum very actively, having been on for a long time, and reading lots of topics and posts. :3


You have to be on for 59 days read 500 topics and 1100 posts so it might be a while I only got mine a month ago!


Who needs cookies? I have cookies! :cookie: :cookie:


Me! This is what I found when I tried to like: Please wait 20 seconds before trying again. Lol


It's a great idea! I think it's really kind and thoughtful. :smiley:


Gices cookie :cookie:



@Intellection74 here's a cookie :cookie:


Does anyone need a cookie? :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:


I dont need one, but do you have chocolate chip?

Heres some free cookies to whoever wants/needs one.
No cookies?
Have some ice cream.