GIRL PROTEST, confused



Hi everyone! Before you flag this topic Just know that it's not because I think that girls shouldn't be allowed on hopscotch (btw I'm a girl, so I defiantly wouldn't think that​:blush:) so I was just getting that out the way, I case there was any confusion or anything​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So you might have seen the project called: GIRL PROTEST, on trending. It says that brownell 6 made the comment that girls should not be allowed on hopscotch, so yeah, I was kinda a little bit curious to see who this person is, so I searched him up (I'm just assuming this person is a boy, could be a girl, I really don't know, also, I'm not a stalker...) and first of all there was no one called brownell 6, but there was some one called brownell6 (I know there's not much of a difference) and when I went on to his profile there was only one project on it (it was a spiral emoji project) And I saw 2 people had remixed his project about 'girls shouldn't be on hopscotch' and up the top where it shows the person they remixed it from, it showed to different people.
So yeah, I don't know if he deleted his old account or my iPad's Just really old and needs an update!
Also, my sister went on to her account and went on to my account in it (does that make sense?) and I had made a project and it didn't show up, (I was wondering why I had know plays or likes​:sweat_smile:)
So yeah, if anyone has any answers or anything plz reply!
That's all for now! Byyyeeeeeee
P.S: I know this is really long and probably makes no sense, sorry!


First reply and like and I agree!


He made one for girls right? Then someone remixed it to frame him, I saw that too! (Also I am not 100% sure my information is right)


Yeah, I'm not really sure. I was just really confused when I saw it...


You don't need to bring attention to this person. Just report it and move on. :smile:


Sorry, it's just that I'm a curious person and I'd like to figure it out, also he was already reported and brought to attention in that trending project.:blush: