GiraffeStudios | sims free play hopscotch edition



So my team and I are working on a hopscotch sims free play edition. If you want to join sign up here:


Sounds cool I don't think I am going to help though but I Lovvvvveeew sims


Well actually I will mabbey share some screenshots of code for it here in there


Okay. I use to play sims.


Here is some code for the diamond thingy oh and I just stared to play sims 2 days ago but I still love it don't understand why it's rated 12+ there's nothing so far anyways here's the code


It's like a very easy megaemoji


Here is a good HSB color when you get to create a sim HSB(180,100,89)


Well actually I have ran into some things but nothing to bad so we need to make it so anyone can play


Nice. I won't be able to talk because my iPad is going to die but I talk on the forums with my phone.


Ok that's fine but so do you think the charecters should be the hopscotch charecters and you be able to draw on them to edit? Or should we do emojis to make the charecters or the shapes?


So since you can't save games how about like in the computer sims you can fast forward!


If you don't remember the app that well you should get it again to share ideas


I remeber and I also have it for my nintendo ds ixl and one of my cousins play it on her laptop.


Ok so I was thinking try to make a 3D gem thingy tell me if to hard I am working on it


Probably the hopscotch character but maybe a few emoji character stuff or we could combine them.


Yeah we can try to figure out how axotloto (sorry if spelled it wrong) did his or her draw in play!




Or does this look better for the gem thing? Ps don't mind the black thing it can be fixed


I like them both. We could use the gem for the intro and this gem when for when you play the game.


Which gem for the intro? The easiest would be the 3D be but whatever is fine