GiraffeStudios company | collabs [STAT- 7 more spots]



I'm not giving the user and pass right now.


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Private is the lowest rank. So what do you guys want to create.


Can I be the co_leader?


I'll think about since you gave to get to the next rank certain ways like I added at the top.


Can I join? I have a project in Featured


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Can I have the user and pass? I can't wait to help!


Anybody have an idea for a game we should make?


There's this game called Gravity Cube I'm working on. I wanted to recreate it, maybe we could do that!


Can I be Cheif Desīn Officer? (My company is Desīn if you wanna join anyone...)


Sounds great!
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here's what I have and we can recreate it:


GiraffeStudios will be sponsoring people and/or teams.


8 more spots left. We can sponsor a team your on if you want or a project your working on.


We will be working on sims free play which is on the App Store and google play store.


Ok I meet all the requirements
I made actually 2 featured games that were based on games in real life
I'm brilliant at music making, etc.
I've been on featured 4 times, I didn't count for trending but I was on there a lot
Rising... Erm I didn't really make any projects from last year to this year, because my hopscotch got deleted 2 times. Other than. That, I'm happy to join.


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Yeah you can join.
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I have a drawing pad, a movie series, been on featured once and trending 3 times, and I have been hopscotching since August 2014.