GiraffeStudios company | collabs [STAT- 7 more spots]



So the giraffestudios will be having a team of people working on games. My future for it is to be a old company thing on hopscotch. Anyway so there are requirements to join. I will be assaigning people to something or a few things. Once you get your assignment go work on it. Listen to some music eat snacks or something while you work. You can post your ideas that are on paper or a notepad on your device on here. If I create a new topic go talk on there but this will reamin a signup place. If your working on a few things and the project were working on is big put the other things to a pause.
• Been on hopscotch for quite sometime
• Good at coding(programming)
• (opitional) have a project in featured
• Have a project in rising and trending
• make a audion entry titled #GS adution entry

Must have one or a few or all of the follwing
• have a fighting game
• have a drawing pad
• 3D project
• game based off a tv show, game, book, movie
• a movie or tv show

@GiraffeProductions (leader)
@Stradyvarious (private)
@Phase_Studios (co-leader)
@Nas-Studio (private)
@Jonathan5665 (private)
@JonnyGamer (private)
@seawolfwerehorse (private)
@Huggingfluffybear (private)

Old (Army based!) Ranks:
Private, Private Second Class, Private First Class, Specialist, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Major of the Army.

New ranks:
@GiraffeProductions (leader and coder)
@Phase_Studios (co-leader, coder, and designer)
@Stradyvarious (moderator & coder & designer)
@Huggingfluffybear (moderator & coder)
@JonnyGamer (member)
@Jonathan5665 (member)
@Nas-Studio (member)
@seawolfwerehorse (moderator & admin)

To rank up you must be working here often and not just sometimes also be good at what you do at GiraffeStudios and do what your assigned to do.

Nice music to listen to while you work:

Strike Force Kitty collab!
GiraffeStudios | sims free play hopscotch edition

Do you have to have a project in rising or trending????


I have a project in both do you?


No, I don't but I am pretty sure my basketball game has to get in one of those.


I have a 3D project, I am great at coding, and I have been on Hopscotch fro a while. (hiccup!)


Great! You can Join once you make an audition entry and post the link on here and then you will automatically become a member. There are ranks.


Can I join I have 21 projects in trending (Ikr) and nothing is rising (I should though) I've been hopsctching since April 2015


[Automatic Message] Great! You can Join once you make an audition entry! Making an audition entry will make you a member right away! Post link on here when done! :wink:


What do you guys what to work on? Btw are you done with the audition entry? It doesn't have to be your like one of your bests.


I'd like to join.
You can give me the lowest rank.
I'd like to play test and find glitches that need fixing in the projects.
And help with ideas.


can i join?
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@GiraffeProductions @Nas-Studio @Jonathan5665
Something i made for fun.
Tap the red wick to fire the cannon at the distant ship.
Made using Tynker


Good! You can Join!
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Have you met some or all of the requirements? If so you can join!


Updated the member list


Can I join I am working on an awesome project


Have you met some or all of the requirements. If so you can join. :wink::slightly_smiling:


Yes, ik meet the requirments
So can i join


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How do i get Username and Pass.