Giraffes Are Humans Too Team Collab! 𓃱





We are sure to win the challenges. Here we will discuss our plans.
Thanks again for joining!



Now I'm guessing we're going to do a Maze Runner project that I wouldn't want to contribute to. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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  1. Music (I'm pretty much as good as @Follow4LikesOfficial :D)
  2. Game flow and events. I know how to make events on this app by using variables (which is basically like making multi scene movies :P)
  3. Anything else! Like, anything (except drawing things by hand that aren't objects)!

Bad at:
Anything that has to do with square roots and powers


My strengths

  • Trail art
  • Angle and position
  • Shape art
  • Kawaii stuff!!!!!!
  • I can do stuff like scenery and people :P
  • art like drawing but I'm not good :sweat_smile:

My weaknesses

  • Sins and cos
  • Music


Don't worry, I'm not that addicted :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice idea, @Intellection74!
I'm good at:
- Values
- Leave a trail
- Design
- Check Once If
And art!
Bad at:
- Music
- Sin and cos art


I edited. I'm bad at anything that has to do with square roots and powers, but that's it! :wink:


I still need to join someone's team could I join this one? If not its ok


You'd have to ask @LotsaPizza, she's the leader :D


I am asking @LotsaPizza


Oh, Sorry then. Ignore my post :P


-anything else you want idk
-I'm lazy & a procrastinator
-anything else you want idk


It's ok @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf


I'm good at Check once ifs and drawing pads and HSB colours but my favourite is values!


So... @LotsaPizza, when do we start? :yum:


We have to wait for the first challenge... @tankt2016?


First challenge on Saturday.


I really want it to start sooner :stuck_out_tongue:



Meeting for the team captains and me on Friday, 4:00 (Eastern US Time). Just to discuss if the teams are fair, and of the games seem like they will be fair. Still have to move your team.


I think we're fair! We've got a small group with two (popular) coding legends: @SUPERSWAGGY and I! We also have some other good coders like @Intellection74, but because of the size of our group, I think it even's out! :smile: