@GiraffeProductions @Nas-Studio Collab (Shark Attack)



@GiraffeProductions here we can discuss a new project to work together on.
Please share your ideas. Then i'll share mine.


We could make a puzzle game where you go level to level solving puzzles but have people or obstacles in your why while your trying to get past them and solve puzzles. Or an adventure game where you choice and the choice changes the game like you were saying on one topic. Or an action game like making a game based off of an action game.


We'll both start when we agree
What do you think of a Jaws game like the movie?
You could play as a giant shark knocking small boats over and eating ppl that fall in the sea.
The boats can get bigger and have better weapons to kill the shark.


Sounds like a good idea. I agree. There could also maybe be an island and the ships come out at random times. Like theres boats and then another boat comes out to sea.


It's lunchtime where i am. You can make a start and i'll work on your remix at around 6 hrs from now.


Okay. (20 characters)

SomeoneCollab? Hopscotch Name: TheCodeBase🤔™

Can i join?@Stradyvarious@GiraffeProductions




You can join. (202020)


Maybe the joystick is the same color as the circle like an invisible joystick
but it is still working


Who wants to work on the shark?


I can work on a shark,
Must it be 3D or something


It doesn't have to be 3D but. It has to be one that your be able to see both sides depending on what your doing with the joystick and it would be more of a 2D one.


I made a Shark working with joystick!
And an health value that is showing in the left top of the screen!
Its very laggy on my ipad so not an advanced shark,
But tomorrow i can make some better graphics


Is SomeOne Online?


Yeah (20202020202020202020)


Did u tried it?


Yep. (20 characters)


Did u liked it?


yeah. (202020202020)