Giraffeproductions General Topic


I saw that other people had general topics so I decided to make one. I will post project stuff here and stuff that I'm going back to work on and you can ask me questions here.


What's your hopscotch username?


My hopscotch username is SizeableWig it used to be giraffeproductions though


Hi @GiraffeProductions I'm going to go follow you xD


Ok lol



Done are you working on any projects


Can you play and leave feedback I trust you for that stuff

i guess


I'm working on my game called the rage game and a Halloween game i'm entering for the contest.


Its a good game.



Ya I'm think on the the Halloween game like no ideas

XD great feedback


I gtg see you tomorrow


See ya



Working on a controller for a game.



What will the game be about?


What do you do in the game??


I'm not sure yet.



Not sure but go on an adventure maybe. :thinking:


It's should be a quest with sword and stuff and every level you buy a better one

just a idea


That's a good idea.



It would get feachured do you know why