Giraffedolphin's general topic!



Credit to all the people who made general topics before me for this idea :3
Basically, this is like any other general topic. I'll post announcements and previews of projects I'm making, maybe post WIPs of drawings, and answer any questions you guys might have for me.
Now you might be thinking..
Well, guess what!
My first announcement on this topic (in case you haven't heard despite how utterly obnoxious I'm being about it) is that I'm gonna get an iPhone in about a week ish (yay!) which means I'll be back :D
If you feel the strange need to put this on watching in order to stalk me and everything I do, feel free to I guess XD
And.. that's all I have to say, I guess..
now watch as I sit ignored in this topic for a few hours lol


How did you get your name


My two favorite animals are giraffes and dolphins, and I was born on the 26th (of July!!!!)
I'm not creative XD


How long have you been coding?


Hai @Giraffedolphin26!

I miss UT ;-;


@Catface4 woah sorry for this really late reply for some reason I didn't see this ;-;
I've been coding for around 2 and a half years!
@Rainboom hai
I miss her too ;-;


Omg hi fren @Giraffedolphin26


Hi fren @Maltese
That gif tho XD
10/10 would gif again


Hallo XD

Thanks XD

I'm literally gonna post that gif on everyone's general topic jk


when you reply late because you just woke up
@Maltese you truly are the master of gifs
I'm in awe of your gifing power XD



My hands don't want to type they're literally just like:

Fite me ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Challenge accepted Gary

Wait can you still not see Gary GD :00


Hai @Giraffedolphin26! I have some questions! (:

How many times have you been on Trending?

When did you first discover Hopscotch?

What's your favorite thing about Hopscotch?

Do you like to make art?


@Maltese I still can't see gary XD
Don't worry I'll probably be able to see him in a few days

@Pink_Roses let's see..
I've been on trending.. at least 3 times, I think? I've never really kept good track of that XD
I discovered Hopscotch about 2 1/2 years ago, in the middle of 6th grade, when it was put on our iPads :D I've been coding with it ever since!
My favorite thing about Hopscotch is how easy it is to learn and use, but how complex it can become. With a few simple tools, some people have made incredible projects, which I think is super cool.
I love making art! I draw a lot (when I probably should be studying :P) but I really enjoy it :D



Oh whale ;-;;-;-;;


It's okie
I know what he looks like now so I just picture it in my mind :D
plus I'm getting a new phone in a few days so I'll be able to see him XD
For now though I will just have to live without the glory of gary in my life ;-;


*pokes head in topic *


Thanks for you're answers @Giraffedolphin26! (:


I know ;-;

I had a dream about her last night where she made another account called "I_have_a_good_life" or something' and in her bio she had #descendants and #undertale and a few other things and I was so happy I cried! It was weird XD


You haven't posted it on mine yet :0

I did not just say that



I'll do it now yeyey