Giraffe88✨ art club!



Hi guys, this topic is for giraffe88​:sparkles: art club only. We will discuss things here.


I have made a locked website!

The passcode......



A.K.A. one of the most common passcodes out there! :yum:


Do you want to be in the club @rawrbear? Can you think of a better passcode?


Well, you should make it a little longer like this. 82509, I just made it up!


Thanks @VanillaBlossom do you want to be in the club too?


Can I be in the club?


Ok @Awesome_Giraffe! Do you want me to add more greens and colors to the pad or are you okay?


I'm already in a bunch of collabs, plus I have my own projects to do. Sorry! :\


@EnchantedAnimallover whats your hopscotch username?
And @VanillaBlossom I have added more colours you can too the pad can be both of ours!

Finally, @Rawrbear its fine I understand if you are busy!


My username is EnchantedHopscotcher


Hello! I am in the club!


Happy 2 Year Anniversay @Awesome_giraffe!!:cake::birthday::gift::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::giraffe: