Giraffe-Pad 2.0 suggestions



Hi forumers! (Not sure if this is the right term, lol!)
My draw pad Giraffe-Pad recently was published, and I'd like a bit of feedback on it.
Here's a screenshot:

And here's the link: Giraffe-Pad 2.0

What do you think? Do you have any colors I should add (in HSB)? Any features I should add? Any bugs or glitches?



Looks pretty cool! May check out later.


Cool! Nice and smooth! :slightly_smiling:

One suggestion: Can you make more skin tones? :smiley:


Thanks! More skin tones was actually the next thing I was going to add..:smile:


Ok, cool! I can't like, so here :heart:


I named a iPad I made on hopscotch giraffepad but whatever nice drawing pad though! :wink::relieved:


I haven't checkout the project yet. But when you're drawing, people may accidentally hit the X and lose their art.


I agree with @PopTart0219 You could do a clear confirm box. (They're really easy)


do you just copy paste that no more likes message now @rawrbear?


I like how you put the clear button on the top. On most draw pads the clear button is under the size chooser so your whole drawing clears. Very annoying.


I just published Giraffe-Pad 2.1 with more skin tones, @Rawrbear .
Here's the link, in case anyone's interested: Giraffe-Pad 2.1


Maybe you should add some secret colors that are neon


@DancingLollipop do you have any suggestions for which colors in particular I should add?

@KathrynJaneway and @PopTart0219, thanks for the suggestions, but I don't really see this as a huge problem because really the only way you could accidentally clear it is if you were pressing restart, which would clear it anyway. Thanks again for the suggestions though!


Actually, with an old drawing pad I did this a lot :wink::sweat_smile:. If you are drawing near the X and you take another "stroke", you could easily hit the X


Well HSB(180,100,100) is awesome


If you look on my own drawing pad I have a bunch like neon green, magenta, royal blue, turquoise and so much more! If you need some hsb colors just ask me because I have discovered a lot.


Half of the time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i guessed so... (i left for a week, just 1 week! "88 new topics!")


correction, 89 body invalid