Gimmie fwends i need fwends


Meh bootiful topic. I want to meh peeps. (Oh I also am free for requests...checks nails casually)


Do u like to eat Lotsaapples? XD

first :stuck_out_tongue:


...I'm appletarian so if it involves apples...


Hai fren. ;D
Ima eating le Apple right now XD



Is your profile pic a meowth? So, do you like Pokémon then? Do you like Hopscotch? What is your favorite color? What about your favorite food? Do you like chocolate? How long have you been on Hopscotch? How long have you been on the forums?


Gimme some. QUARTER.



Calm yourself young child
Sincerely, your only friend XD


1) ya it meh bootiful friend Mousy the Meowth.
2) ye Pokémon my life
3) ye love Hopscotch except I gotta school iPad...
4) green. Or yellow...or flurple.
5) apples. Then tacos.
6) ye. Especially if apples are dipped into them...
7) More than a year
8) ↑


Watercress, I'm trying to b social.


Kids:Aha hahahaha....

Me: Stop Lughing At me -slap-


Hai again @LotsaApples!! ;D


That's not how you spell friends lol


Lol I know fwend