Gilbert's title topic!


How many more Oz puns do you think we can fit in? XD


I don't think… we can…

I can't lol I'm so ashamed


It's okay!

(I can't either XD)



Not even Pun Minister?! Woah


I know... ;-;

I guess I'm just joke broke.
(Well, maybe not quite. :wink:)



Lol I haven't even seen it since I was smol :joy:
I have faith in you C_P


I've never even seen it, only read a version. XD

I thank you for your faith. bows


You're welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

dematerialises by clicking heels


@Gilbert189, I know that since you just changed your title you probably woun't be looking for a new one soon, but I figured you might appreciate it.
"I enjoy vacillating. On second thought, no I don't." Or something along those lines.


Punny! Great job C_P! :thumbsup:


Thicks! I have to live up to my title. XD


Yes you must…>; )


New title! Anyone get it? :D


Ah yes! I love your title! I was honestly considering that as a title for myself if I ever got one!

That is one of my favorite coding puns ever!


I know, I really like this one. :D

Finding math/science/coding puns is very hard... :laughing:


Definitely. Whenever I find a good one, my reaction is 'hip hip array!' :wink:
Ok, that was real creative. XD


I was thinking of making my title:

"Working for Hopscotch is hard. I still haven't gotten arrays!"

But it was too long. :laughing:


Arrays. So helpful. So punny.

It'd be cool to have arrays on Hopscotch, though.


New title! Thoughts? :D

(I made it up myself this time. :D)


I luv it XD

Senpai @Gilbert189 ;;;;;u;;;;;