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Hey there! This topic was inspired by @BuildASnowman.

Basically, this is my title topic. Every or every other day, I will try to have a new title! Normally, these will relate to math/science/physics, etc. and will usually be in a short question format, or a pun/joke. :D

Here, you can ask questions about my titles, discuss them, and suggest new ones! :D

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What does your current title mean?

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This is what I told someone else earlier:

Schrödinger's cat is an experiment done to illustrate the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics on everyday objects. It is an experiment in which a cat in a box is in a state where it is simultaneously alive and dead (Quantum superposition). This experiment shows that while the box is closed, the cat is both alive and dead, but when it is opened, it is forced to take a position in reality.

By saying "Schrödinger is the reason I have trust issues", I am saying that because of his experiment, I cannot trust that the cat is alive or dead, leading to trust issues in other situations.


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My pun from the Internet:

If you forgot to set your calculator to degrees, then you are going to have a rad time.


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