Gilbert's Profile Picture Contest!



So, I need a new profile picture. I know this one is awesome, but it's become a bit boring for me. So, I am holding a contest for a new one! It can be drawn or coded. :D

I love the color orange, squids, armadillos, blobs, violins, crabs, turtles, and more! :D

I think that a mashup drawing or coded project of a lot of things I like would be amazing! (You can also find some other things I like in previous posts, or ask me if I like something. :D)

The winner will recieve a project of their choice! :D


Awesome ideA! I'll enter later, is it ok if I edit a bunch of pics together, neither drawn or coded?

Edit: your title is awesome :joy:


I'll try and draw something for you in the best art app I have.


Sure! :D


If I try

im not going to win.... Im sure of it.


If someone who wins here wins at the summer contest do they still get the prizes


Thanks! I'll
Make it later!



I mean um, I'll try. I've got the full beginning bit done for my game (the summer contest one. My number 1 priority XD) so I'll code you something.


Yeah! :D

This has no relation to that, it's just an extra contest. :D


@Gilbert189 I'm going to do this, what do you like? XD
Or look like XD


Dang it I don't stand a chance anymore

I just realized amazing people are doing this too


Y ;-;


All u guys r gonna nail it ;-;


You're probs going to win :P


@Gilbert189 PLES answer I really need to kno :D


R u kitten meh m8?

U r gonna win 4 shur


You mean I'm going to procrastinate for sure, right?


My long list:

Crabs, turtles, violins, armadillos, squids, hedgehogs, blobs, shells, Lentil bean Memeshibas (Look it up), sheep, frogs, foxes, the color orange, palm trees. :D

If anyone could make all of those in one almost all orange drawing, I'd be really impressed. :D


I think I can do something lol


Or draft lol