Gilbert189's Request Mania!


Yesterday was my 100th day here!

To celebrate, I'm gonna give out free requests!

Here's what I can do for requests.

-Text art!
- A small project!
- Really bad drawings on Hopscotch!
- Whatever else!

I'm ready, so request away!

By the way, this isn't an April Fools joke, it's just unfortunate timing. :D


Lemme think...

Can you make a...

Potato strumming a guitar? It doesn't matter whether it's drawn or coded, whatever is easier for you!


Congratulations! :D

Here's a duck.
Gives duck.

And here's 100 day cakes.
Gives 100 day cakes.



Picture reference, please!

It will be better with a picture for me to go off of. :D


Oh man... I can't find one!


Can you find a potato and a guitar?

That don't have to be together. :D


Anyone else have requests?


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I would prefer no drawing requests right now, as I'm in a car.


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My phone, I'm driving to Florida. :D


Cool! Today is my Hundreth day! :D

I'm thinking of a request :thinking:


Small..... This would be for both of us.... Coded tiger bean?


Picture, please! There are many different positions and stuff. :D

Generic tiger.


Now you said "whatever else" so....
Can I request that you just look at my profile on HS?
My name is Cosine Studios?
XD: I can't believe I'm asking this


You've been followed. Great projects! :D


Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much wow, that means so much coming from you!


Could you request to me on hopscotch? Like, remix the project asking for requests on my profile?


Sorry, I can't do that!

However, you have been followed! :D