Gilbert and Coan collab topic


This is just a topic for me and @Gilbert189's collab. Feel free to reply with ideas :D


Make a game involving Snoopy and his red doghouse as his plane! :D
Search up, "Snoopy Red Baron" and you'll see what I mean! :3
You guys are like the best hopscotchers, so if you make this game it'll be so awesome! :0


Our current idea is to make a Star Wars game :D
And thank you for the compliment!


No problem!

I love Star Wars! :D I watched all the movies in like 2 days. :0


@Gilbert189, can you edit others posts? Or is that a mod ability?


That's a mod ability.
Why am I posting so much in this topic? :3


Leaders can edit posts :0

K bai XD


Really? I remember @Intellection74 saying that she needed a mod to edit a post that someone asked for her to edit. :D
I might have remembered wrong though! :3


It might've been a poll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah, I can edit any post.


Here's an idea for humor, I made a project a few weeks back. :smile:


Yes, make a Star Wars thing! Star Wars=life


Your projects will be amazing! You're a perfect team!


@Gilbert189, we should have an intro/credit screen, like "Coan and Gilbert presents..."
What do you think about that?


Ahhh! COAN and Gilbert(o)! One of the best collab eva! Can't wait for the project!
You guys(or girl) art the best!


Both are boys!


Yah, sure! That would be a much easier way to give credit.


Do you want to create the "main" project or can I do it?




I have questions about the amazing collab.
1. Are you going to trading drafts?
2. When will the Star Wars project coming out?
3.Can you explain more about the game?