GIF's To Help You!


Hold yo flags my fam!
Hai, this is for tutorials that aren't videos....but.....
How to make something go into a circle!

Pictures provided by @CreativeCoder


holds flags upright yes sir


Cool tutorial! :thumbsup:


This is very cool! It is kinda hard to read to the tutorial when it is going so fast, but it would just need to be slowed down :smiley:


That is the slowest it can go. I can't make it go any slower.


Oh, ok if that's the slowest than that's fine! The tutorial looks really cool in GIF form!


That tutorial looks really cool! If that's the slowest it can go, try putting two of each picture side by side in the gif.


Whoa, how old are those pics? XD


Cool tutorial, but the images change too quickly for me to read them... XP


You have the old version oh HS? :scream:oo :scream:


Pretty old. Almost 6 months old.