Gifs In Hopscotch! (Could it work? How could it be implemented?)


Welcome to another new topic about Could it work? How could it be implemented?
So obviously this would be for subscription users because gifs are just repeating moving pictures. Gifs would be cool in Hopscotch because it could be used as a form of animation…
Could It Work?
I wouldn’t see any major problem here except for the fact that projects might take longer to load if they had gifs in them. Gifs could also be used in animation as I said before, where a character moving in a certain direction would start a gif of the character walking across the screen! I think this would be revolutionary in Hopscotch!
How Could It Be Implemented?
It could be included in the add image section of the object selector(I don’t know what to call it) and then you could just move the gif anywhere in the workspace.

Other questions:
Would the gif continue to move in the editor?
Would adding gifs increase loading time significantly?
Would any new blocks need to be created for gifs(stop gif, start gif)?

Feel free to add your own comments below!
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Just have a bunch of images that go into a gif, make them synchronize in invisibility switching (i.e. one goes invisible as one becomes visible), and you got one


Yeah but that would be harder to do. It would just be easier if you’d could add premade gifs.


Probably so. I don’t have a subscription, but I assume.


Well I don’t have the subscription either…I just make these topic for fun and for brainstorming possible ideas for new updates in HS!


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This is an amazing idea! I have done some research about this question:
Would adding gifs increase loading time significantly?
I found a super good and clear site that explains this. Right now, the iPad and iPhone saves image files as JPEG or JPG (.jpg). If you are on iOS 11, your device might use a new “.HEIC”-file format, but other than that, it would be a JPG.

Comparing JPG to GIF, the website I found says that JPG is the best file format for pictures, but GIF has some really good advantages like that it doesn’t get blurry when you zoom in on it that easy and that it is really great for details. On an example shown on the site, that was clear, however, the JPG image was about 5 times bigger and it got blurry when zooming in. So it won’t probably affect the file size to much.

Photos and pictures however, makes the GIF a second alternative as JPG has a file size of about 2 times more than JPG without any better quality in an example.

So, GIFs are better sometimes, and to make it real effective, THT could add a feature so that the app tells you about these differences in file size when you upload a GIF or a JPG.

Here are the link to the website that I used for the information:


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Hmmm, I think Carli did an animation once by having a bunch of images and setting them to the same position and having one be visible at a time


Just make gifs


What if I don’t want to