Gifs don’t work as profile pictures (Help with my profile picture on here)

Ok, first off, I’m not sure if this is in the right category or not, but if it is please fix it. Anyhow, just had to say that. So, for some reason when I use gifs, it doesn’t work on here anymore. I was trying to change my profile picture to either one of these two images:

Number one

Number two

(yes, I am an MHA fan, but that’s not important right now.)

Btw, the problem with the images is that they won’t move.
When I first changed my pfp to the headbanging Slushii, it was working. Now that I try to change it to one of the Deku ones, it doesn’t work. It does change the image, but it won’t move. Anyone know why and how I can fix it?

And can one of the @/Leaders on here remove the spaces in the links? thanks.


I think it’s because discourse stopped support for gifs


I’d put this in the ‘bugs with hopscotch’ category, and delete the report template. But you technically did it right, if you can pass it off a a suggestion for this to get fixed.

Anyways, Discource probably stopped supporting gifs for whatever reason. And since this forum is made using Discource, there is nothing THT can do about it (or so I have reason to believe).

Head banging Slushii is now just flopped over lol.


Oh yes I think that’s the reason - I tried to do gifs but it would only stay still


I think it’s because gifs are really large in size


haha yeah lol. I’ll just change it to the Deku one I wanted but I’ll have to deal with it not moving. Thanks though!

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at least my user card has a gif and it still works.

Man, it feels weird having this pfp now. I’ll miss the headbanging Slushii though! RIP Slushii headbanging pfp.
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But this isn’t really bugs with hopscotch


That’s probably it.

No problem! I like Deku as your profile, even if it doesn’t move.

True, but it is bugs with the hopscotch forum. There should really be a category for that.

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The Hopscotch Team does not control the forum software other than of course tuning it up a bit and customizing it (adding categories, controlling plugins, etc.), but the base software itself is made by a company called Discourse. We can’t do much about most bug reports, since it’s on Discoruse’s end. But, I still encourage you to submit feedback or bug reports, since they sometimes might be something specific to our forum, and since we always can foward bug reports to Discourse.

This time, they have officially dropped support for GIF images. You can find more information here:

I’m quoting the Discourse team directly:

It is possible that a future plugin may re-enable animated GIF avatar support for sites that require it, but we don’t have a timeline for this plugin at the current moment.

I will close the topic for now, as it seems that we have to wait a while for the plugin to arrive. Let me know if you still want to continue discussing the subject and therefore want this topic opened again!

I’ve seen people with gifs as they’re profile picture (pfp) but when I put a gif as my pfp it is just a still image I don’t really understand that. So uh… yeah


your gif on profile picture header is working
but for you pfp i think you’ve just changed it a few seconds ago


Yea just changed it


It’s supposed to be a gif


what’s supposed to be a gif? pfp or profile header?