Gif profile picture



I need a gif. For a profile pic. Kind of like @smishsmash's and @Gilbert189's. That type of style. Please put below. Winner will get 20 likes. Good luck!


I will put some below rn!
Credit to malty!


Wow. You are fast. Thanks


I have a few, but I'm selfishly hoarding them so I can use them as profile pictures later. :laughing:


Malty for the pug!


Go ahead and selfishly hoard then, Gilberto.


I'll try and get you some I'm not planning on, though! :D

Here's one that @Qusid posted! :D


@Gilbert189 how do you search for them?
That certain type of pic!

(The ones we are posting rn)


Pure luck, normally. It helps to search something like "animated panda gif" to get that style, but it takes a lot of looking.



Becuase I have trouble finding them too a lot ;-;


Gud @Qusid! Mey gifs dunt wurk!


I found 2 of them


Here's some more! ^^^


If you add "dribbble" to the search (i.e. "animated ____ gif), it generally comes up with more of that style.

I spend a lot of my time looking up gifs for future profile pictures. XD
(Hypothetically, of course. I would never replace this beautiful sloth.)


Thank you!!! That was super helpful! ;u;


No problem!
Anything to help my fellow gif hunters. XD


Here's some gifs!
(Thanks to @caramel_puffin !)


Can I use the pigeon one?


What website do you get from them? I mean them from, sorry I'm tired and cat write XD