Getting tired of the flame wars/taking a break



So tired of the flame wars... So tired of the Forum. See you guys, I am taking a break from the Forum. I know you probably think this is for attention but .i am REALLY GETTING TIRED OF THIS!! I will still be looking at posts but I won't be responding to them unless it is important or it is for help, but I will probably only be on once per month. To all I say adieu, goodbye, farewell, 再見. Or however you say goodbye until the flame wars are over.


Ok! I hope to see you on the forum soon! When the flame are are over. I don't like them either but when I see one starting I try stopping it. So I'm still here, plus I love the forum and the people on the forum are so awesome!


I thought about quitting too, to be honest, and these flame wars are getting way out of hand. I hope you continue coding, whether in Hopscotch or other programs!


I didn't initially want to quit. I had taken a week break from the forum and when I came back I saw all the hate and it sorta overwhelmed me because I didn't know this had happened. Hopefully, with help from THT, the flame wars will be over!


All right. I totally understand this! :wink: See you soon!


This was when the codelife thing happened I think