Getting my Old Account back


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

I have had multiple accounts including: Super Nova Studios, and Stove Studios

I am using an IPad as well as an IPhone 6

I was trying to log into my old account, when I can’t remember my password and when I made Super Nova Gaming email was not required to get an account.

1.Attempted to log into Super Nova Gaming account
2.Tried passwords and attempted emails none of which worked

I expected to be able to reset my password through one of my emails to log into my old account.

I was unable to log in or reset my password

If a screenshot is deemed helpful I can supply, however it would just be of the log in screen I guess.


email (that’s the hopscotch team by the way)


Also email, she checks that often. Good luck on recovering the account!


So SuperNovaGaming has been inactive since 157 weeks ago (Over 3 years)

Maybe you left before passwords and accounts? I remember everyone got jiggered because the logins were goofy hmm

Or maybe your not the real SNG :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Lol jk


Okay, so that account is apparently really old accourding to @JonnyGamer. But my account is that too (when I am writing this), and when I created it, passwords and emails were implemented. I’m not sure if THT would be able to help you, but you could at least try to email either or


I joined in 2013 gotcha


Jeffery has shushed and now it’s zip zero zilched


Thanks for all the support everyone! I did email the Hopscotch Team.


Yo i am back for a while


I’m back too!