Getting fancy keyboards and characters



Unicode is a text like █ used in many projects across hopscotch.

Fancy Key
This is an app that makes your keyboard 10x better. It gives it a new look, new emojis and even new fonts. This is one of the easiest ways to get Unicode. If you personally do not like Fancy Key, try finding another app with Unicode, there are lots out there!

Coping and Pasting
To copy and paste you hold down on the word or words you want to copy, you may find a little pop up that looks like this

Press copy. Now you can do two things:
1. Go to your settings, then to general, then to keyboard, and find shortcuts. Make a shortcut. When you create a shortcut, whenever you type in your shortcut, it will turn into the Unicode. For example. Square is my shortcut for █ so whenever I type square it turns to █. Repeat this as much as you would like.
2. Or you can just paste the Unicode wherever you'd like.

Hope this helps!

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Unicode cont. — other ways to get symbols

Thanks to @SQUISHY for this fantastic How-To on Unicode. Here are a few other ways you can get Unicode characters too.

Emoji Smiley
Emoji Smiley is an free app on the App Store you can also use. It has a large variety of Unicode characters including:
- symbols
- maths operators
- arrows
- geometric shapes

Here's the link:

Emoji Smiley - Free Color Unicode Emoticons Keyboard for SMS, Messages & Email by hongwei liu

Unicode search website is a website you can use to search up Unicode characters, if you prefer using a website instead of downloading an app.

For example you could search up "snowman" and this Unicode character ☃ will appear. Then you can copy and paste it into your projects (see below on copying and pasting).

Important Note: Not all Unicode characters work or display properly on iPads/iOS devices.


Oh! This is so cool!!!!!!!

How do I get emojis, though?

How to get emojis

Hi @FlutteringButterfly here is How to get emojis .


Hi @t1_hopscotch how do you get the text to become a link? that is really cool and helpful! if you could tell me thx alot

Adding links in posts

Hey here's a post on adding links in posts :smile:


Is the Unicode text symbols for free in the App Store?


yes same with fancy key


Wow now this helps! Great idea.


No more need for fancy key in the next update


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I use Unicode Free because it's easy to find what you are looking for


I use fancy key but it glitches a lot... :slightly_smiling: