Getting depressed 😔


Hey guys, I'm kinda getting depressed about HS and HF. I also failed a skating competition. So, you might see me less on. I might be less on DD. So @KawaiiRose, I'm putting you in change when I'll be less on.

@KawaiiRose, thank you for being a great friend! I will see you sometime after my depression is over.

@PerfectPanda24, have a great birthday. You to @PopTart0219.

@Silverdolphin, thanks for being active on DD

@Sweetlina, I hope to see you in HS

@StarryDream, good luck on stopping bullyin.g.


Let's start a business! (Under construction)

First like and reply!




Gude luck fren! :D



What does DD mean?


Why do you both have the same profile pic?


What does that have to do with the topic, she's talking about being depressed!


It's support for dude73
She's depressed


Fir @Dude73!
We change da profile pic to make Dudey happier! :smile:


Downright Dreamers, @Explorer_'s collab's name


:0000 wow :flushed: thanks! I have school until 5:20-6:00 pm though, but I'll do meh best!


That has NOTHING to do with how @Explorer_ feels.She made a topic about her being depressed and

leaving. ;-; .n.


Thanks a lot ! see you around now !


Downright Dreamers


But I'm not leaving forever.


@Explorer_ Here's 5 likes! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:️ I lost likes ;-;
I hope u get better fren ;(


I always say that when I get the first like and reply.


Hi it's me again