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On here, I'm going to give you ideas to make your game look 3D (even though it will be 2.5D), and this isn't going to be a cloning text thing. If you don't have a subscription (like me) you won't be able to do everything. Also, in celebration, I have a Nintendo 64 logo as my photo. Anyways lets get started:

See the landscape on this game and how it is flat? This is a flat image of a track viewed at the angle of the camera, and this can relate to Hopscotch. Also ignore the skybox and sprites. This is something that has never been done before, but I have an idea on how to do it (if you have a subscription).

Okay, so see the huge soccer ball and the small square? The big soccer ball would be the background, and the square would be the sprite. Also, the background would be a 'angled image', more about that later.

So I just pressed the up button on the controls, and the soccer ball went down, giving a illusion that I went up on the map.

On to the 'angled image' thing. Take a second to look at this image:

Take a closer look and you will see how the whole 'ground' is flat, and there are overlays like clouds that are also flat. This is an example of what I like to call a 'angled image'. My definition of it is: An image that is flat that gives the illusion of depth and distance. Let's apply this to hopscotch, you can make your 'angled image' and put it in the hopscotch game, add a sprite (like I did in the soccerball photos), and you have a simple 2.5D game, which you can add more features too. This is my example of what you could do with images.

Now I'm sure you've seen MagmaPOP's 3D characters, if you could apply that to this game then your game would look awesome with the 'angled image'. So anyways that is how I think 3Dish games can be made in Hopscotch, and no one has ever done it! Now if you want to use this, at least give me a little credit, but thanks for reading on my idea of how 3D could be replicated in Hopscotch.

Hopefully this is a revolution,
Joshua Chez


Well, do you want to work together to maybe make a 3D game?


Good Idea!
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