Getting better at the forum



@PopTart0219 Here's the topic I was talking about in the other topic.

Everyone starts off somewhere. Especially here, in the Hopscotch Forum.

People who have been on the forum for a while: Share your experiences! Maybe there was a feature you didn't know for a while that is ridiculously easy to you now. Maybe you didn't know what an @ was! Say your growth of knowledge of the forum on this topic.

People who have just joined the forum: You're going to do great here! You can learn tricks from here and get even better. Soon, you'll be looking back at today and sharing your experiences too.

I didn't know how to quote until at least a month in. That was interesting! :joy:


Ima new person. I got nothin to share :frowning:


I remember when there were only about thirty people. Now, there are over 300! In the beginning, it was like a post every few hours. I wouldn't say that anymore!

I had to learn and get used to the forums. I never knew badges existed in the beginning!


I had no idea how to make a topic :sweat_smile:


"Why is there this? Why? What? ∑(゚Д゚)" -Creative Coder, August 6th 2015


when i joined in beta it was UBER confusing, i didnt know how to make a topic or what the badges where. i was confused and completely helpless. :sweat_smile: there was like 30 people back then.. now omg i cant even keep up!


I remember my first topic got deleted by @liza I think because I did not explain it well here's what I said

Hopscotch smells

How does this work does your iPad detect a smell or does it make a smell?!

And then I was scared to make another topic! Lol


i am forum pro




me: *mutes topic*
why did i not get notif