Getting back on hopscotch! New username! Polls!


Hey guys! I have about 4 weeks until I go back to school and get back on the hopscotch app. I came to the conclusion I would make a new account and stop art on hopscotch (Don't worry, I'll still be on the drawing topic), I want to focus on coding. I have two username ideas, and I want to see your guise opinion. So.... Please vote!

  • nomnom
  • Nommy
  • Malie
  • Mal
  • Other (Reply if you choose this)


Votes are public.

The first thing I'll be making when I get back to hopscotch is the dank meme quest, so look out for that! Thanks for voting!


I think you should keep the same account! I don't see a problem with art! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just want to start fresh :D