Get your game reviewed! (Closed until I finish some)


Requests are closed until I finish some! :smile:

Want me to review your game?

With every review:

  • I will give you positive feedback
  • I will point out any bugs I find
  • I will post the all reviews in one topic (I will give you the link to your review)

How to get your game reviewed:

Fill this out:

Game name:


The games must be games made by you. I will make another topic to post all the reviews in!

Bluedogmc's game reviews!

Cool topic!!!!!!!!!! I'll probs use this if I make a game!




link: I'm on computer sorry so no link. Find it on my main account.
Game Name: Geometry Dash Version 6


Your game review will be done soon!


Can you review my game I made for the summer contest?



Your magic too our games


Sure! My iPads about to die, I will do game reviews soon!


I can't find it! Can you give me a link when you get a chance! Until then, i can't review it!


Great idea/topic! I'll definitely use this when I get back to hopscotch!


Review mine, please? game name shoot 1.0




Bookmarking for future reviews.
Good idea.


Name: The Jewel Thief v5


Ok, here's what I have:

The reviews will be done in that order! They will be done soon hopefully!


ok cool bluey dawg


Sry guys, everyone else's game reviews will be done soon!


Where's my review @bluedogmc-official!?


I already posted it and tagged you in it! It's in another topic where I will post all my reviews. I'll get you the link!