Get well soon GrizzTheBear!


GrizzTheBear has Skin Cancer! They are at the hospital, and probably won't be on HS any more. We should make a project for him! Ideas?

How I know

Look at this topic!

Ideas for a project for him

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  • A huge get well soon card that we can have a lot of people sign
  • A project that teaches kids how severe Skin Cancer can be


Oh no! First mi, my mom had skin cancer and got better he rill 2


Get well I Amy make a project for him...

may not be appropritet for all agaes

What if he dies? I hope not!


He won't! Don't think about that. My gradpa had skin cancer, but they just literally chopped a part of his face where he had it off....


Yeah my mom had it 3 times, he'll survive BUT, shouldn't tan


Exactly! My mom tans and I'm worried about her


She doesn't have any signs of cancer, just she tans a lot, and cancer is common in our family. I actually think %99.9 of the people in our family have died of cancer


Oh no! How do you know that?

EDIT: just found the topic :laughing:


I know, I don't on purpos but I get a little


There is a post where he said it


Me 2, 1 grandpa(I still got 2) and way more


Don't focus on the bad things. Although there isn't really a good thing about this to focus on... But it doesn't matter! All we can do now is wait and hope he gets better.




How do you know this is true??


Look at this topic:


Okay let's get starting to make note cards.


Look at the top post! I made a section where we can add ideas!


No one lies about this


If he's lying, we have no way of knowing. But I think we should take a chance and trust him.


Well I gtg I'll be back on tomorrow bye!