Get to the gold code @SmileyAlyssa


I like your game "Get to the gold"
In future if you make a game like this you can look at the code in the project I made in the link to get ideas.

You can move a sprite and not have to code for any sprites/objects you place on the screen as the players sprite will bounce back and not be able to move through any object.
You can also push another object with the players sprite.
Just an idea for you so you don't have to use a teleport code for when the players sprite bumps anything.

You asked me about a way to solve the glitch when pressing two arrows at once like "Up and Right" that causes the sprite to not detect it's surroundings.
An easy way to solve this is have a dot set it's position to above an arrow when pressed and only have the players sprite move if the dots at a certain x-y position above an arrow.


Thanks for the idea! :wink:


Ther's nothing wrong with smiling happy doll.

I will soon request you start flagging negative comments about my profile pic as there's nothing wrong with it.


Im just wondering... @SmileyAlyssa did you do this on purpose? Ive seen games where you have to get through the maze without touching the walls


What do you mean?


Did you make it so when the sprite hit the wall it teleport you to start on purpose?


Yes, I did that on purpose.