Get to member trust level



How do you grant an invitations on the forum, and how do you send invitations?

"Member" award?

Good question! You get a Member trust level after you spend more time on the forum.

Here is a general post on the criteria for Member trust level from Discourse (which is what this forum is based from)

I think Hopscotch might have changed the thresholds to better suit this forum and users.

When you are granted member, what do you do with invites?

Once you do get to Member trust level, you can invite people to topics:

and you can invite people to the forum:


Thank you so much for giving me all the info!


@t1_hopscotch, do you know how to send private messages?


No problem @Phase_Studios!

I don't think we can send private messages on the forum unfortunately. Maybe it's because it might encourage some people to chat about other topics but the forum is for collaborating and talking about Hopscotch.

You can still talk to people about Hopscotch in topics though :smiley:


Are there any requirements for becoming a member?


Oh, yes. There are many requirements to become member. :arrow_down:


@Berrymelon I posted the general requirements in the second comment on the post :grin::smiley: here's the link to the comment anyway :))


Thank you so much, you guys are really helpful!


Thank you so much guys for the help! I just accidentally got the member badge when I was reading this! Weird!? :yum:


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Hello I'm a member already but I don't know how to be regular @Phase_Studios since you are regular do you know how to become a regular?


You have to be online for a certain amount of days over 100 days.